Kruger Inc. A Kruger Inc. subsidiary


An Industry Leader

Our mission is to provide companies of all sizes with a full range of customized recovery and recycling services tailored to their needs and budget.

Most of the paper and paperboard recovered from Industrial, Commercial and Institutional establishments (ICI) is returned to the production cycle of Kruger Inc.’s mills where it is used to make tissue products and packaging materials. Other recovered materials, such as wood, railway ties and construction waste, are used as biomass to generate electricity and produce steam.

Our sites

Our recovery centres in Montréal and Sherbrooke process more than 60,000 tonnes of paper and board annually.  This recycled material is used in turn by Kruger Inc. mills to manufacture publication papers and products under such market-leading brands as Cashmere®, Scotties'®, SpongeTowels® and WhiteSwan®.  We also recover over 40,000 tonnes of dry material per year at our site in Deauville, Québec.

Your Sustainable Development Partner

Kruger Inc. is a leader in paper and paperboard recycling in North America.  In the 1960s, at a time when the world was just starting to realize the benefits of recycling, Kruger’s mills were already producing high-quality board from recyclable paper and board.  This tradition of environmental responsibility and responsible resource management has long been a hallmark of the Company’s history.

By focusing on the local market for collecting recyclable material and supplying mills with recycled fibre, Kruger Recycling minimizes its ecological footprint through reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

And, we recycle more than 300,000 tonnes of wood and 500,000 tonnes of paper and containerboard each year that are diverted from landfills.